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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

By Nancy Gibbs

The family that celebrates survives. Parents today are busier than they have ever been. The cost of living is tremendous; therefore two-income families are more common than ever before. So how do we let our children know that being a family is very important to us even though our responsibilities are great?

One way of doing this is to set one evening a week aside for “family night.” Nothing, less than an emergency, should interfere during that time. So how do we begin? In the following suggestions, you will find a dozen creative ways to celebrate our families.

• Rent a humorous video, appropriate for all ages. Go ahead and laugh out loud.

• Everyone pile in the kitchen to cook a meal. Start with an appetizer, followed with veggies, an entrĂ©e, and top it off with dessert. Give each person an age-appropriate assignment in preparing the meal.

• Visit the library or bookstore as a family. Let everyone either check out one book or choose a book off the clearance table.

• Pull out the board games. The winner receives big prizes–hugs and kisses from everyone.

• Go out for ice cream. Try a flavor you have never tried before.

• Invite Grandma and Grandpa over for dinner. Present them with a homemade greeting card from each family member.

• Give everyone a dollar and go to the “dollar store.” Everyone chooses one item of his or her choice. The only stipulation–they must pick something that can be used during a future family night celebration.

• Read a short book out loud. Discuss the ending, but then allow each child to make up a different ending.

• Go star-gazing. Everyone, including the adults, should make a wish. Share your desires with each other. This lets the kids know that parents have visions for the future, just as they do.
• Put a jigsaw puzzle together as a family.

• Create a family newsletter. Include events from the past few weeks, such as lost teeth, vacations, and good grades. Scan family pictures to the newsletter. Mail them to close family members.

• Talk about all the people who make a difference in our lives–teachers, policemen, pastors, Sunday school teachers, and even bosses. Sit down as a family and write unexpected thank you notes.

These are just a few activities that will jump-start your family night celebrations. There are as many ideas as there are families. So go ahead and get creative. Watch how your family will grow closer as each week slips by. You will probably discover that family night celebrations will become the most exciting part of your week!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


So I decided to look into photography and...I like it? Here are some of my photo's that I think are good, but I also need your opinions. I love your input and I really want to be a professional when I am older. I also want to be a Beautician and own my own store. Thanks!
Signed, C-Diddy

One day we took a trip...and this is what it looked like:)

I love taking trips...and don't EVER ask about the last was for my needs only.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The twist...

You know your getting old when strand of hair is white. Or if there is one Wrinkle upon your face. I know that i am getting younger by the second. All i see are split ends and make-up smudges. Not only that...but there are a few BLEMISHES...yuck...I need to get rid of those...anyone have a cure? I know I am bragging about how...disturbed my face is, but no need to be jealous...just get your own face!
Bug bye for now!
Signed, C-Diddy!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


So I woke up....and I realized that cheer tryouts were today....I went to school....I didn't pay attention to anything in school because I didn't have any money....just kidding but I really didn't have any money. I went to the cheer thing after school and Shelly did my make-up. Everything was going swell. My AWESOME sister's gave me a bag that had a coloring book, crayons, a sticky toy that bounced, a bendy braclet, and some skittles. :D I was really happy that day, and confident. When we went in there, we weren't allowed to go out. A lot of us had to pee, so we had to have a cheer escort. It was funny!!! When Natalie {the coach} came out, she said "WOW, this is like a Nazi Concentration Camp!" was HI-larious!!! We stayed in there for atleast 3 hours....we were showing the judges our SIS BOOM BAHS!!! Then they made us wait for a while and do callbacks. It was SOOOOOOO FUN!!! Then we got the letters....and ran out to our cars....{purple=congrats and pink= sorry} I AM NOW A CHEERLEADER!!!! I WAS SOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!! Cheerleaders-Abby, Aija, Mckenna, ME, Hannah, Haley, Jessi, Maren, Kailee, Reagan, Erica, Katelyn, Emma, and Alexis!!! Hehe!!!! This has been fun.
Love, Cori Jeanette Harman!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Had a bad day! :(

"Had a bad day, take a one down, sing a sad song just to turn it around. Say you don't know, tell you dont lie, look up a smile, and go for a ride. HAD A BAD DAY!!!"
haha.....i dont know if that is the way it goes. :D
I woke up.....and then it was all a blur, just kidding, but i did wake up hoping for a good day.
As most of you know, girls take forever to get ready! :P
and I had to get a I did and then I tried getting my contacts in and when i touched them to my eys...they felt like needles poking my out! Then I fell asleep on the bathroom floor, and i woke up at 9:30 and I tried to put them in again, and I got ready. After that I went to school at 10:20-ish and I couldnt see anything!!!!!!!!!! You all looked like blurry blobbs! :D hehe Anyway, then after school me, Jessi, Jason, and some kids went to Surf ' N ' Swim and it was really fun...until me and Jessi were going through a revolving door and my foot got cot in it. :O yepp....WORST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEKK!!!

Happy Birthday Sue!!!!!!

Hey bloggers, its Cori! It's also my sisters birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOHOO!!!! I love you sue!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you have a really great day today. I love you so much and want you to know that i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D